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Unmasking the Signs of a Failing Shower Valve

September 17, 2022 / in plumbing tips and bathroom / by Clayton Plumbers

JoCo Plumbing NC: The Heroic Plumber vs. The Unstoppable Shower

Once upon a time, in the small town of Clayton, North Carolina, there lived a plumber named Allen. Allen was known far and wide for his quick thinking and problem-solving skills. One day, he received a frantic call from Mrs. Reid, a long-time customer.

"Allen! My shower won't turn off! It's been running all day and I can't stop it!" she cried.

Allen immediately grabbed his toolbox and rushed to Mrs. Reid's house. He could hear the shower running from outside the house. As he entered the bathroom, he saw water gushing out of the showerhead like a waterfall.

Allen quickly assessed the situation. He realized that the problem was with the shower's control valve - it was stuck in the 'on' position. He swiftly turned off the main water supply to stop the water flow.

Then, he got to work on the shower control valve. It was a tricky task as the valve was old and rusted. But Allen was not one to back down from a challenge. With his trusty wrench and some elbow grease, he managed to loosen the valve.

Without wasting any time, Allen replaced the shower valve with a new one. He then turned on the main water supply and tested the shower. To his relief, it worked perfectly - no more uncontrollable gushing or dripping!

Mrs. Reid was overjoyed. "Oh, thank you, Allen! You're a lifesaver!" she exclaimed.

And so, Allen saved the day once again. His quick thinking and expert plumbing skills not only fixed Mrs. Reid's shower but also saved gallons of water from being wasted. And that's why everyone in Clayton loved Allen - he wasn't just a plumber but their local hero.

Shower Valve Replacement

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Shower Valve

A shower valve is the heart of your shower’s plumbing. It manages water temperatures and is usually located inside the wall just behind the shower handle. Over time, even the most durable shower valves can wear out and need replacement. Here are some signs that your shower valve needs to be replaced:

1. Erratic or low water pressure: If the water pressure coming out of your showerhead is low or inconsistent, it could be a sign that your shower valve needs to be replaced.

2. Water temperature fluctuations: Difficulty in adjusting the temperature or experiencing sudden changes in water temperature can indicate a faulty shower valve.

3. Excessive lime scale buildup or leaks: If there are leaks around the valve or excessive lime scale buildup, it’s time to consider replacing your shower valve.

4. Loose or broken shower handle: A loose or broken shower handle can be a sign of a worn-out shower valve.

5. Unusual noises: If you hear unusual noises from behind the shower wall, it could indicate a problem with your shower valve.

If you experience these issues in a shower that used to work well, it may be a sign that the shower valve is on the fritz and needs to be replaced. Remember, regular maintenance of your plumbing system can prevent major issues down the line. Don’t wait until it’s too late - get your shower valve checked today!

JoCo Plumbing NC Shower Repair

JoCo Plumbing NC; Quality Plumbing Down to the Tee!

If you’re located in Clayton, North Carolina, or the surrounding areas of Wake & Johnston County, and you’re experiencing any of these issues with your shower valve, consider reaching out to JoCo Plumbing NC.

JoCo Plumbing is a local plumbing company in Clayton that is proud to be family-owned and operated. They provide top-notch, quality service for all your plumbing projects including water heater replacements, tankless water heater upgrades, faucet replacements, toilet installations, pipe repairs, and many other plumbing services.

So if you’re facing any issues with your shower valve or any other plumbing-related needs, give JoCo Plumbing NC a call at (984) 220-52965.

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